Heart of Yoga Peace Project

The Peace Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to instilling and developing yoga communities in troubled areas around the world, spreading peace through the transformation of individual consciousness, and enabling cross-cultural understanding through one-to-one diplomacy.

The project uses yoga as a common, non-religious, unifying principle and practice to bring together those affected by struggle and conflict in a neutral location, where their full attention can be applied to basic yogic tenets such as non-violence and tolerance (Read “How Are Yoga & Peace Connected” for more).

The Peace Project also provides education and resources to current and aspiring yoga teachers so that they can bring the seeds of change back to their communities and their native lands. 

 “Yoga, and the Peace it creates, has the ability to banish human conflicts and the horror of war and bring about peace and understanding on earth….Having felt the inner peace that yoga reveals, one feels the desire for peace externally…peace in neighborhoods, nations and between races.” – Paramahansa Yogananda